Benefits of compression therapy

For numerous years, compression therapy has been a valuable aid to numerous Australians grappling with chronic venous disease and diverse issues like deep vein thrombosis. At Joya Medical Supplies, we are known for readily providing a range of vascular support hosiery, a favored item often utilized as a form of compression therapy.

To enhance your comprehension of venous insufficiency and the significance of compression therapy, our seasoned team has assembled a concise guide below.

Understanding Compression Therapy

Compression therapy entails the utilization of bandages, stockings, or comparable approaches to manage both venous and lymphatic conditions. By exerting controlled pressure, compression therapy aids in boosting blood circulation within the legs, enhancing blood flow to the heart, and reducing swelling. Modalities like vascular support hosiery are commonly employed by those afflicted by venous disease.

Exploring Venous Disease

Venous disease, or chronic venous insufficiency, arises when the valves within the leg veins fail to operate effectively, leading to swelling and alterations in the skin. Ordinarily, vein valves ensure the proper movement of blood towards the heart. However, when this function falters,
venous disease can manifest. Indications of venous insufficiency encompass
swelling, varicose veins, and changes in skin pigmentation in the affected leg

Advantages of Compression Therapy

Compression therapy has gained popularity among those grappling with venous disease, and for compelling reasons. Several key benefits associated with compression therapy include:

  • Diminishing swelling and inflammation
  • Alleviating muscular discomfort
  • Facilitating blood circulation
  • Enhancing lymphatic drainage
  • Warding off the emergence of deep vein thrombosis.

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